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Re: Re: Re: Re: Power & Swing Optimization

Posted by: Jeff Tisdale (contactspec@aol.com) on Sat Jul 26 13:43:39 2003

>>> based on the definition & description of "linear" hitters at this site, all of the above except sosa would be considered "linear", not "rotational".... <<<
> Hi Bart
> Your statement above is very confusing to me. Would you please point out the article or post I have made where the site’s definition of “linear” and “rotational” swing mechanics would classify “Aaron, DiMaggio, Gherig, Jackie or Frank Robinson, Rose, or any other great hitter” as having linear mechanics? I would really be interested in seeing the reference ("definition & description") you are referring to.
> Jack Mankin

Would someone please let me know where I can view Ichiro or Matsui's swings, to distinguish linear mechanics?

Don't all MLB players exhibit the same rotational mechanics (Shoulders, Torso, and Hips rotate, then arms extend briefly after full contact) when they hit the long ball?


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