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atn: jack: video analysis

Posted by: bart () on Tue Jul 29 13:48:07 2003

hi jack...i guess i was being off-topic when i made my comments, so i'll start over.....

you said: "Hi Bart

I wholly agree with you that in order to give a thorough video evaluation of a hitter’s swing mechanics, it must be viewed in frame-by-frame action. In fact, many times I will go back-and-forth between two frames five or six times to more clearly see and understand what was occurring at some portion of the swing.
> However, what is puzzling to me is that it appears you find much value in side clips and very little value in those from the frontal view. Whereas, in my video analysis, I get as much (if not more) information from the front view. Therefore, I am curious as to what key points of the swing you look for that you feel determines the efficiency of the batter’s mechanics?

my response is.......

some of the things i look atare stride, hands going back, inward turn, bat cock, elbow going up, elbow coming back down, toe touch, bat uncocking, hips starting, bat going towards catcher, lag position, contact (including "L" position of top arm , where hands are in relation to back knee at contact).....

i find that all of these things can be analyzed easier with a side view...none are hidden, whereas a front view some of them are hidden or partially hidden....also, in comparing frame by frame of one hitter with another, it's easier with a side view....for me, a side view provides easy-to-discuss reference points....and a side view is generally a closer-up shot, whereas a front view includes extraneous things (like the pitcher)& is not as close-up....

of course, i recognize that a front view, overhead view or behind the catcher view can be useful at times...case in point is your hide the hands thing....another advantage of the front view is you can see better the location of the pitch (in, out), as well as the type of pitch (fb, cb, etc)...but overall, i think the side view incorporates all the vital aspects of the swing....


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