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Re: point of contact

Posted by: Mister X () on Tue Jul 29 19:04:38 2003

Hi Jack,
> Thanks for the great video, also still having fun
> with the bat speed indicator.
> I'm wondering if you find alot of people having problems with contacting the ball too far out in front when trying to learn these new mechanics.
> I practice on a heavy bag per the tapes instructions, but when I go out to hit off the tee I find my self moving toward the back of the box for what feels to be a more comfortable
> hitting position. ( Linear mechanics trying to creep back in ? ) Hope this is just a common part of the learning process.
> Any and all help appreciated. Thanks

I believe that Jack shows the heavy bag WAY too far out front in the video. In the perfect situation, contact should be made even with the front knee. If I'm correct, Jack shows the heavy bag in front of the front foot. The only ball you will hit at that contact point will be pulled way foul.


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