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Re: Re: Dominant Hand

Posted by: THE HITTING GURU () on Tue Jul 29 22:35:34 2003

If your bat is cocked or centered at toe touch as it should be then the top hand is weak in this position. I believe that some people do things so well that it is unconsciece. I believe Ted Williams bottom hand loaded and unloaded with the shoulder perfectly and he probably didn't have to focus on it. His mental key was probably his top hand which I would not teach. I say Gwynn is right based on video work done in this era. Some players say they key on hitting their top hand through the center of the ball. If that action can really happen then it occurs late in the sequence after the bottom hand has loaded back and lead into the zone. OR they might be getting rear elbow extension at impact.

No disrespect, but I think Ted Williams was 110% conscious in what his baseball swing was about. I think that to often people assume that someone who is smooth with their style (looks like a natural) did not have to apply hard work and intelligence to their craft. From what Ted preached in his book 'My Turn at Bat', he spent countless hours practicing to make himself that best hitter he could be both by repetition and speaking to and observing other hitters who were great and not so great. In addition, Rob Dibble said Pete Rose was a better hitter than Ted Williams because he could see Rose grit out every play. Pete Rose was a great player and should be admired for his toughness and exploits on the field. And should in my opinion be a first ballot hall of famer. But to say he was a better hitter that Pete Rose without seeing Ted Williams work at his craft before, during, and after hours is unreasonable to me. Everyone has a right to his personal opinion, but in this case Dibble should have thought before he spoke.


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