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Re: Hiding Your Hands

Posted by: THE HITTING GURU () on Tue Jul 29 22:51:12 2003

Is it ok to "hide your hands"? My coach keeps telling me to hold my hands farther away from my body.

I believe it is definitely ok to 'hide your hands'. Ted Williams made a reference in his book 'The Science of Hitting' that more bat command is produced when the hands are held close to the body and vice versa (See the pictures in the middle of the book if you have it.) In addition, as the hands are brought back and disappear the hands seem to automatically go to the launch position. (Charlie Lau Sr. The Art of Hitting .300 video) At that point you are ready to attack the ball with a forward shift of the weight. Also see 'Teaching the Mechanics of the Major League Swing II Video' by Tom Emanski.


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