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Re: Too Young?

Posted by: mark (wogdoggy@aol.com) on Wed Jul 30 08:50:40 2003

I just found this site and let me tell you it is ADDICTING!!!
> I'm a dad/coach of 2 boys, ages 5 and 6 who have just finished their first year playing T-Ball/Soft Toss Baseball. My question is are they too young to benefit from this training, techniques and ideas of rotational hitting, if they are still too young, what types of training would you gurus suggest I use.
> Any help would be appreciated.

if you can afford it take them in for a couple of lessons,,that way you can listen to what the instructor has to say and help them when the lessons are over
> I have also just started filming their swings, and noticing the flaws that many of you guys talk about in older youths. I really want them to start with a solid foundation instead of getting the wrong tips from their coaches only to have it all broken down in later years.


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