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Re: Re: THT

Posted by: Teacherman () on Thu Jul 31 06:08:35 2003

>>> Hi Jack and all
> Long time follower, (occasional poster)love this site. I am still wondering whether lateral flexion of the spine contributes to THT. I think it does and cannot see otherwise. Please explain my futility. The plane of the swing (unless shoulder high, has an up and down component) so too me we are dealing with with more than an axis other than the long axis of the spine. Jack I am not doubting your many hours of analysis, just cant figure out where some of this rotation takes place. Maybe the many articulations in the spine, or maybe the many empty spaces in my mind.
> Thank Enloe <<<
> Hi Enloe
> Sorry for the delay in my reply. --- I am not sure what you mean by, “whether lateral flexion of the spine contributes to THT. I think it does and cannot see otherwise.” Could you explain your thoughts on this a little more? --- As far as the swing plane is concerned, the plane need not always be perpendicular to the spine. A player may have his spine nearly vertical (standing tall) while generating a swing plane to accommodate a low pitch. I understand this may not answer your question but maybe I can contribute more after your reply.
> Jack Mankin


If the swing plane isn't perpendicular to the spine isn't it less than optimal? Seems to me the only time it wouldn't be perpendicular is when fooled by speed or location.


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