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Re: Re: Do we hit with our hips - or shoulders

Posted by: Nick Cafaro (nickcafaro@earthlink.net) on Sat Feb 2 17:37:28 2008

> > More than one major league hitter has told me "slow feet, quick hands" from that I surmise the hips start the rotation before the hands or shoulders begin movement to the ball. With the hips starting first the shoulders and hands must move very fast to catch up the hips, so in effect, it takes both the hips and the shoulders to make a good hitter. Ted Williams says, "hips lead the way". Some 40 years ago, I had a hitting session with Paul Waner and his approach was, " you hit with your belly button". Now his approach may be the best as it incorporates both the hips and shoulders. In short, the belly button starts closed to the plate but must be thrust towards the pitch by rotating the hips and shoulders in time to make solid contact with the pitch. Bottom line, hips start the swing and the shoulders/hands bring the barrel to the ball.


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