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Re: Re: Re: Dominant Hand

Posted by: tom.guerry (tom.guerry@kp.org) on Thu Jul 31 11:40:35 2003


Some of your ideas need to be disparaged.You need to be disparaged only to the degree you are identified with these ideas and their propagation which will be to the detriment of most kids.Besides this compartment of your life,you may be a fine fellow.

See the ball,hit the ball isn't enough for most these days.Visual learning in most seems to become less a factor with age.Do you know of some way to continue its effectiveness braodly over many types of people?

Biomechanics of throwing and hitting are significantly different.To say they are the same is grossly uninformed and likely to interfere with teaching/learning.There may be a simplicity on the other side of complexity,but the simplicity you describe has not gotten far along this journey.

I would recommend you take your own advice.


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