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Re: Re: Science of Hitting

Posted by: THG () on Sat Feb 2 20:33:11 2008

> I've wondered if it was worth it trying to learn from the old timers. So you think they were as good of hitters as todays players? I don't think so. I know the ptiching was not as strong. Does that mean the hitting wasn't either?
> Wouldn't you agree that you have to be better today to play in the majors than you did back then?
> And then the next question... Would yesterday's heroes even make the squads today?
> Don't get mad, just discussion.
> > Saw this on another site. Great clips of some old timers. http://wms17.streamhoster.com/firstpick/Science%20of%20hitting.wmv

Willy Boy. That's a great clip. That clip is a part of baseball rare films as a part of Ted Williams. But with regard to your topic, the great ones could have played in any era. The only real difference is the advent of weights and year round conditioning.


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