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Re: Re: Re: Re: help!

Posted by: donnybstr@aol.com () on Thu Jul 31 15:33:00 2003

One writer hit the spot. Sounds like you are expecting to hit all locations. I had some good hitters that were naturally linear. THey could break the plane and go up for high fastball and hit line drives. They just watched low fast balls and struck out or swung over them moving forward.

Ted also said "there is not a man alive that can hit a high ball as far as a low ball". I believe that players that contact the ball over a bent back knee can hit low balls a mile.

I prefer staying back more and rotating but I know that it is potentially weak for pitches up in the zone. I watched it for 3 seasons from the first base box. You have to have a plan . Our plan was sit on fastballs down early. Lay off balls up; even strikes in the upper part of the zone. Most coaches tell their pitchers to keep it down where we could not hit it. THat is where we want it.

Learn to break the strike zone down and look for certain pitches on hitters counts. I honestly don't think either method is strong for ALL pitch locations. We give them the high strike early and hang on anyway we can late.


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