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Re: Boys Vs. Girls

Posted by: THE HITTING GURU () on Thu Jul 31 17:38:38 2003

Recently the guys i hang out with have been rubbing it in my face about how much harder baseball is then softball. I totally disagree with that but i have no way to proove them wrong. Please send me some information to show that fastpitch can be just as tough as baseball. Email anything you have to say to HunniTiBee45@yahoo.com

The best and probably the only way to prove your point is to have them try your sport (let one of them participate against your teammates). See the women's fast pitch softball sites for your information. If this does not work to your satisfaction don't worry be happy. Simply appreciate your sport for what it is and have fun at it. Whether you are correct or incorrect, will not necessarily change someone else's opinion or belief. I do not think you could convince Barry Bonds that Lisa Fernandez is as good in her sport as he is in his sport regardless of the information produced!


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