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Re: Bat

Posted by: Knight1285@aol.com (The Black Hole Lexicographer) on Thu Jul 20 22:48:44 2000

When I have watched (non-professional) batters take practice swings, I have often noticed what appears to be a "wobble" in the trajectory of the bat near the middle of the swing. I have only viewed this in person and haven't gotten any footage to view it better. I suspect that it has to do with "breaking the wrists". Am I seeing a real effect, and is it one that can/should be corrected?

Dear John Giors,
My primary guess is that the person is using too heavy a hitting instrument, dragging their bat through the strike zone with their arms, or rolling the wrists. Jack Mankin may address your probably on his Instructional Video, The Final Arc. Buy it, if you haven't already--the idea is not to become his disciple, but to see if his theories make sense, and many of his do.

The Black Hole Lexicographer


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