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Re: Barry Bonds

Posted by: Coach C () on Tue Aug 5 22:51:38 2003

Did Anybody catch Barry Bonds Sunday conversation with Joe Morgan. He told Joe he has a secert to power hitting that he wont say ontill he retires. Any thoughts on this secert?

I have no knowledge of what he's going to say, but if I had to guess it would be this: No extension in the swing. The fact that he chokes up, rarely extends his arms in any swing, hits any pitch inside and smothers the plate lead me to this guess. There was an interesting article he commented in years ago that referred to his conversations with David Eckstein of the Angels. The essence of the article preached the closer the hands were to the body the better. Lance Berkman has also made this point in some of his articles. If one thinks about it there is a lot of sense in it. The tighter the hands to the body, the better balance and the the deeper the ball can get. Bonds hits the ball deep in his kitchen if you know what I mean. I think he sees the ball longer than any hitter alive, because of short arms is my guess. What are your thoughts?


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