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Re: Re: Re: head movement

Posted by: Graylon (g_dunc@hotmail.com) on Tue Feb 5 19:25:30 2008

> You state that the baseball is invisible 15 feet in front of the hitter.
> Why was I able to see the pitch beyond that point? I saw the ball almost to the point of contact. Do I have super human eyes?????
> I have also heard from many hitters that they to could see the ball this way.
> Maybe the baseball is invisible to doctors and non-athletes at 15 feet away.
> Jimmy


It's actually the last 10' and I know you will say you see it the last 10' so am I superhuman and the answer is no you are not superhuman. Anybody can see the ball the last 10' if that's where they want to see it at, but I would rather make sure I see it where it counts and that is when I get to the point of no return with my swing.

In order to see the ball the last 10' your eyes will have to jump at some point in the flight of the ball causing you to lose it when it is on it's way in.



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