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Re: power rotational swing video

Posted by: Alan () on Mon Aug 18 14:59:26 2003

If you are talking about the Ken Van Bogaert video, it is the same one I purchased about two weeks before I ordered the Final Arc DVD. It was interesting, but I really didn't understand the rationale for some of the things he was saying, e.g. "the bat always stays above the hands" - supposedly to make it easier to hit the high ball. And some things just struck me as wrong, e.g. taking a long back swing to build bat head speed, dipping with legs to go after the low ball, etc.

Although he had an interesting explanation for the advocating wrist roll at contact (basically as a way of torquing the bat with the hands to increase bat speed), I just couldn't make it work for either myself or my oldest son. Although I don't have a radar gun, neither of us was able to hit any further off a tee than without a wrist roll. I suspect that if this works for anyone, it would be big beefy fellows with big beefy arms who can man-handle the bat during the swing - like Ken and his son!

It is also interesting to compare what Ken calls a "rotational swing" with what Jack Mankin advocates on this site. Other than the rotational motion involved in rolling the wrists, Ken's system really seemed more linear, at least in terms of bat head path from setup to contact.



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