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Re: Stance

Posted by: Jack Mankin (MrBatspeed@aol.com) on Mon Jul 24 13:08:45 2000

>>>Jack explains to stand with the shoulders in-line with the picther's mound. If you stand wiht an open or closed stance, you shoulders aren't in-line any more. Is there anything wrong with this? <<<

Hi Ray

When I speak of "stand with the shoulders in-line with the picther's mound", I am referring to the position of the batter as he stands in the box waiting for the pitcher to get his sign and etc. But this will not be the position he takes to launch his swing from. --- As the pitcher prepare to throw, the batter takes an "inward turn" of the body. The lead knee, hips and shoulders are rotated slightly away from the pitcher. This brings the hands, the center of rotation (spine) and the pitchers mound in-line. A right handed batters shoulders would now be pointing in the direction of the second baseman.

Ray, even if the batter has an "open stance", this does not mean his shoulders will be open as he initiates his swing. Many batters may stand in the box with an open stance, but as the pitcher prepares to release the ball the batter will bring the shoulders to position I described above.

Jack Mankin


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