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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Ted Williams clips

Posted by: the hitman () on Wed Aug 20 14:51:07 2003

Hi Bart
> >
> > You stated: “williams is not the best hitter to have a clip...you don't want to look like williams.” What do you consider to be flaws or bad mechanics found in William’s swing that are not found in other great hitters? And, what would you say he has that would allow him to produce as he did with what you consider a poor swing?
> >
> > Jack Mankin
> >
> hi, jack...without being able to use a clip to demonstrate it will be hard, but i'll try to explain...the one biggest objection is the way he would, after launch position (1) have his back elbow way too low
> (2) let the barrel of the bat prematurely flatten out & then dip.....
> how could he produce so well with such a "poor swing"?....well, i think others have previously pointed that many great hitters who deviated from our ideal model swing have managed to produce....it worked for him and that's what counts....i'm just saying that if you compare his swing, frame by frame with bonds & many other greats, williams swing deviates from the norm...i simply think it's better to emulate the swing of many greats rrather than the swing of someone who was the exception....
> and jack, you have previously agreed that macgwire & griffey swung with full x-t and with sucess, but i'm sure you would not reccomend their swing as the ideal one to emulate....i'm sure, that as sucessful as bagwell is, you would not reccomend his swing as the ideal one....

Who would in their right mind want to swing like the greatest hitter who ever lived??


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