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Re: Re: Question for Jack

Posted by: Donny Buster (donnybstr@aol.com) on Mon Aug 25 19:24:06 2003

Jack I have seen on the message board that the swing is a slight upercut by the great hitters. I was always taught to focus on the top half of the ball. What do the great hitters focus on when rotating to the ball ? I hope you don't say I see the ball I hit the ball. 90% of the young hitters I have worked with when they swing and miss are under the ball, I have always told them to focus on the top half and it seems to resolve the problem. I guess I am struggling on what to tell those same kids that appear to be under it but yet they are suppose to be swinging up at it.
> I will be in the minority here, but the first move for me is to start down to the ball then, as the the back shoulder begins to dip the bat will begin to level off and then upswing. From my experience most kids have trouble slotting the rear elbow and because of that the bat drops below forearm level at impact. Essentially they drag the bat. I think Gary Sheffield does a wonderful job of slotting the rear elbow, whil maintaining a flat swing. Yes he has a very slight upswing, but he is not trying to swing up.....he swings down.
> I don't believe in trying to swing up, but that's what people see so they teach it. Pujols is another that starts down to the ball, but levels off at contact and finishes high.
> Respectfully,
> Coach C
.The swings should be pretty much the same and the body tilt sets the plane right? I too may be the minority but top/half..bottom /half of the baseball doen't compute for me. For hard base hits aim for the center of the ball on the plane it is pitched. Can kids understand anything else? I think being above or below would probably be problems with when and how you begin your swing or other mechanics.


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