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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: kinetic chain...jack, your view, please

Posted by: James (Jhool2@aol.com) on Thu Jul 27 17:37:14 2000

Yes, that would be nice to have, Jack. But you're talking about the subject of a master's thesis, if not a Ph.D. What you're asking for would fill the pages of this website several times, if done thoroughly. The original question was in regards to the definition of the kinetic chain. My posting was a response to that.
> There has been some related biomechanics research done; I can refer you to some of it if you like, but I don't think you'll be in general agreement with it or find it enlightening.

: from my experiences the kinetic chain is not something that can be controlled consciously, because we can never time the precise sequeancail movements involved in it. I do beleive that the kinetic chain is a what passes the energy through the stationary axis of rotation, and with the proper manipulation of the bat (top/ bottom hand torque) results in batspeed. The bottom line is that the kinetic chain helps a hitter understand how energy moves through the body, but it must be understood that the kinetic chain only works when the hitter is relaxed and not paying attention to it. I feel that the kinetic chain also explains why after the initiation of rotation that the swing is basically on autopilot. ( the hips rotate hard and then the swing is on its own. ) The idea of the kinetic chain provided me with peace of mind and some explanation of the movement of energy but serves little or no practical purpose in learning the proper motor functions to master the swing. People should be more focused on mastering top hand torque,focus , and reaching their top batspeed... then worrying about things they cant control.


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