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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: open stance

Posted by: Doug () on Thu Aug 28 18:21:45 2003

> What about players like ARod, Manny, Helton who have their foot in the air while the ball is on the way. These guys appear to me to be reading the pitch while coming to toe touch. Nick
> > Teacherman. I guess I am saying that you are lined up to a point. The line of the pitch might not be determined at toe touch for someone throwing 97. The guy throwing 76 in the LLWS showed why waiting too long to get the stride foot down can be disaster. I guess against breaking balls you should adjust to the line of the pitch. Kids that wait until pitch recognition before getting their front foot down are invariably late against good pitchers. It is a bad habit to adopt early on. THe ability to predict /guess the speed of the next pitch is an advanced skill and at best a gamble. Watching the previous batters from the dugout might up your chances at being correct. I think good hitters have the foot down early and adjust the rest of the body to the pitch with( spine angle, bent knees, lead elbow etc.)

Hi Nick, Most players lead foot is still in the air while the ball is on the way. Have a tape of Giles, Bonds, Glaus, Burrell, Green and a few others along with Helton, Manny and A-Rod. I would have to say that the real good hitters don't get the foot down early, they get it down right on time. When the front heel comes down, the swing gets going and if you get it down too soon, you may have to start, stop and then restart the swing and that is tough to do and not real productive. The real good major leaguers have the real good timing, and the lead leg has a lot to do with that.



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