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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: i cannot hit the ball hard...

Posted by: Chuck (jcsherwood8458@sbcglobal.net) on Tue Feb 12 05:25:00 2008

> > > Absolutely nothing wrong with the fly ball part of the advice.
> > >
> > > You will learn a lot about the swing by doing just that. It will put you in a good position to understand how to develop power....which is then easily adjusted for real hitting.
> >
> > Real hitting huh...lol
> jimmy,
> Yes real hitting, imagine that. Do you advocate swinging down at the ball?

Mike Epstein puts it something like this:
Imagine you're a young kid walking across the infield at Yankee stadium early one morning with a bat in your hands, when you find a ball on the ground. You pick it up and give it your best swing. Do you try to hit a hard ground ball or do you try to jack it over the fence? It's that simple!


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