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Re: Re: Ed Hernandez/ Shoulder

Posted by: Willy Boy (lineman4@sbcglobal.net) on Tue Feb 12 07:00:07 2008

> > Ed,
> > How's your son's shoulder?
> > Bad luck or Karma here because my son just injured his shoulder again. I don't know if it's the same thing or not. He has been taking hitting lessons recently and swinging for about 1/2 hour each lesson. He hasn't had any trouble during the lessons. He also hasn't had any trouble while throwing.
> > A week ago on a Friday evening he was hitting in the cages and using a wood bat ( drop 3? )he normally uses a -8 aluminum bat of the same 32". After a couple rounds in the cage he came over and told me his shoulder was starting to hurt. I told him to take a rest and we went home shortly afterward. The next day he played indoor baseball. A double header as usual. He didn't do anything unusual and he mentioned his shoulder was sore while he was on deck once. I asked him if it hurt when he threw and he said "no".
> > After the games we went home and really didn't do anything about his shoulder. He said it quit bothering him during the games.
> > The next day he said his shoulder was really hurting him! I asked him to lift his arm and that hurt. I asked him to pretend to swing a bat and that hurt.
> > He took a week off and everyday we treated his shoulder with ice and rest. This last Saturday we went to the indoor games and I hoped the pain would be gone. On his first attempt to swing on a tee, he said he "felt it". I let him bat and play two innings. He said he never felt it while hitting, which he got 2 at bats and hit both times. But he said he felt it throwing. I sat him the rest of the 2 games.
> >
> > I'm planning on resting him until April. He will work on defense and other drills that do not require a swing or throw.
> >
> > I'm hoping this will take care of it.
> Does it seem to only hurt when he doesn't do well?
> Jimmy

No Jimmy,
He has played the game enough to know that failure is part of it.
He actually did very well in his last game and wanted to continue. I made the decision to sit him.


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