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Your Turn Jimmy

Posted by: Brian () on Tue Feb 12 19:09:41 2008

> Calm down big fella...You know some things about hitting but if you knew as much as you thought you did, you would understand that Bonds doesn't hit the way Jack teaches.
> Jimmy

Jimmy, You respond to virtually every post on the board, but unfortunately you fail to support anything you say with anything other than your personal opinion (i.e., no proof, no video ... just opinion). You remind me of the know it all coaches who would come on this forum over 5 years ago preaching linear mechanics with nothing to back up what they say. You are essentially another George in a different form.

So quit the constant rambling and POST A VIDEO to prove what you are saying. Two easy choices for you: 1) POST A VIDEO directly contradicting any point made in any of Jack's instructional videos (if you don't have them, then I'm surprised that you would make comments without fully understanding his method to teaching and analyzing the swing);


(2) POST A VIDEO showing any swing of Bonds: where he does not have an inward rotation prior to launch, where his back elbow does not lower into the Power "V," where his shoulders do not rotate through contact, where his lead arm does not have proper linkage, where his lead leg does not straighten, where his back arm is not close to the "L" position at contact, where his lead shoulder is not pulling back at contact, where his bat does not stay in the proper swing plane.

When you are done posting a video, I'm sure there will be room for a good debate for everyone as to the correct interpretation of Bond's swing.



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