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Re: Stride

Posted by: Jack Mankin (MrBatspeed@aol.com) on Fri Aug 4 22:49:18 2000

>>>When I watch MLB games I see the hitters with their feet far appart much more than shoulder width. I am working with a former pro on hitting and he is saying that I should swing from the point where my feet are shoulder width apart. My normal stride takes me to much wider than shoulder width but now I am learning to hit from shoulder width. Does this make a difference? Thanks. <<<

Hi Bill

Other than balance and supporting the body, the main contribution of the legs to the swing is to generate hip (and thus body) rotation. To accomplish this, the legs need to be well flexed and the feet spaced wide enough apart at launch position that the extension of the lead leg and push from the back leg can deliver maximum torque to the hips. A shoulder width apart may be OK for the stance but it's to narrow for a good launch position. --- I think you will find you can produce a more powerful rotation with the feet 6 inches or more wider than the shoulders.

Getting the feet to wide will also restrict hip action. They must be allowed to freely rotate through 90 to 105 degrees.

Jack Mankin


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