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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Jack--Thoughts on Initiation?

Posted by: Brian () on Fri Feb 15 18:15:39 2008

>>> Culture change is slow digital photography (the availability of seeing 1000 pics. per second to see EXACTLY what players are doing to acomplish what they do is a NEW SCIENCE. Slow motion tech. has advanced profoundly in recent years. Just because atheletes are taught and believe they do what they are taught doesnt translate into reality. Most great hitters are great inspite of what they are taught not because of it. When Don Slaught showed Barry Bonds what his swing plane actually looked like. He had no idea that his PERCEPTION was totally different than the reality of what his swing plane looked like. His recent comments about what a swing entails should convince everyone that perceptions are difficult to overcome. I can give you an example of a college softball player that changed to the rotational concept and her numbers went through the roof. Lifetime B.A. .402 in sport where pitching dominates. Her slugging % was over .700. When atheletes understand what they do to excell and practice drills that enhance these concepts they will excell. I believe when open minds question perception and are not blinded by experience reality will be discovered.<<<

Very well said, Coach.



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