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Re: just a lot of problems

Posted by: Razz (razzbutt5@hotmail.com) on Sat Feb 16 14:15:44 2008

There is a Division III university in my city so right now I'm working with one of their baseball team's best hitters in private to just start from square 1. Right now I'm hitting frozen ropes right up the middle and into what would be the gaps if I wasn't in a cage. I take the hitting off of live pitching and feel really confident and also feel that everything is well-timed. The problem is, is that my high school tryouts use pitching machines only. When I go to open gyms for baseball and hit off their machines, I have horrible timing from the baseballs having to be hand fed into the machine. The bad timing makes me pop-up or foul-tip everything. How would you suggest practicing for hitting off a machine? The university doesn't even own a machine because they feel like they are bad training tools.


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