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Re: Re: Re: Re: launch

Posted by: Jack Mankin (mrbatspeed@aol.com) on Thu Oct 2 01:34:25 2003

>>> Here is my assessment given 30 frame film.I consider the launch position or beginning of the swing to be when lead heel comes down.I also see in this same frame the rear knee begin to drive down and in,also the rear elbow begins to come down and finally I see the lead shoulder begin to turn taking the knob down toward the ball.It is this pulling down with lead hand while the elbow pulls down making top hand pull back that creates tht.What I am unsure of is how we get prelaunch torque if launch is when lead heel comes down and swing begins.I thought load was happening all the way up to this point,then launch.Originally I thought launch was further along in the swing like when barrel was pointing at catcher so pre launch torque could happen before this.It still seems like Jack is saying something different here than I am grasping,soon it well be clearer. <<<

Hi rql

By “pre-launch,” I am referring to the movement the batter makes in getting his hands, body, bat-head and etc. to the launch position I described earlier. In a batter’s stance, he may hold his hands 8 to 12 inches out away from his shoulder (Sosa). He may have the bat cocked forward at the pitcher (Sheffield) –and so on. Getting from that position to the launch position is “pre-launch” movements.

Therefore, “Pre-Launch Torque” is referring to forces applied to the bat that causes it to sweep behind the batter’s head from a more vertical position to the launch position (in the swing plane). This takes place before heel plant or shoulder rotation or bottom-hand acceleration. In other words, Pre-Launch Torque takes place before the swing is fully launched. --- Top-Hand-Torque continues through launch as you described.

Jack Mankin


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