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Re: Bat Wrapping

Posted by: Jack Mankin (MrBatspeed@aol.com) on Tue Feb 19 13:50:29 2008

>>> Coach says I am says i have my hands too far back behind my head at my stance. Is bat wrapping a bad thing? <<<

Hi Jonstervillian

Where a batter has his hands and bat in his stance is just a matter of his “style.” Where he has his hands and bat as he initiates the swing (initiates shoulder rotation) is what is important. As an example, George Brett (left-handed batter) wrapped the bat in his stance and during the stride to where the barrel pointed well past the shortstop toward the pitcher. However, be used his hands, wrist and arms to accelerate the bat back to the normal launch position before he initiated shoulder rotation.

Those were George’s “pre-launch” mechanics he uses to arrive at the launch position,– hands at the back-shoulder and bat in the swing plane behind his head. The same is true for all the best hitters. They may have their hands and bat at various positions in the stance and stride, but they all arrive at same position to initiate the swing.

Here is a post from the Archives where I point out the difference between a batter’s “style” and the “absolutes” found in all high level swings.

Style vs Absolutes

Jack Mankin


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