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Re: Thoughts Jack on Contradictions?

Posted by: Jack Mankin (MrBatspeed@aol.com) on Tue Aug 8 23:56:30 2000

>>> I must admit I am somewhat befuddled about which leg provides the most rotational power for the swing.

In the beginning, I believed you concurred with Schmidt and Ellis' Mike Schmidt Study, which claims that "both legs suplly equal power for rotation." In your Batspeed Research, and Truisms and Fallacies, you claim that the causation of torque is derived from both legs pushing in polarized direction to rotate around the spine.

Nevertheless, I read a post where you claim the front leg serves as the supplier of most of the rotational power; this statement is comparable to Steve Ferroli's Hit Your Potential, where he claims "the front leg is the stronger source of power betwixt the two legs."

Therefore, the question might be written thusly:

Do you believe that
A) Both legs supply equal rotational power, as argued by Schmidt and Ellis in The Mike Schmidt Study?
B) Is the front leg the strongest source of rotary power, as argued by Steve ferroli in Hit Your Potential? <<<


Your right. I have made both statements and they are in conflict. --- When a batter rotates around a stationary axis, both legs would need to contribute equally or the center of rotation would be forced to move. But with my swing, the lead leg seemed to be supplying most of the torque thrust. I think this is because the lead leg starts with a lot of flex then rotates and fully extends whereas the back leg never straightens.

Your question caused me to investigate further. -- I found that under a "low load" condition (just rotating the body), the lead leg did appear to supply most of the turning force. But when I attempted to rotate while holding a 50 lb. weight, I found both leg contributing about equally. --- So I guess the scientific theory was right and what I felt was wrong.

Reminds me of my pilot training. -- When flying in the clouds, always trust your instruments - trusting what you feel in the seat of your pants can get you killed!

My answer would be (A). Sorry for the contradiction BHL.

Jack Mankin


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