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Re: Re: Re: Developing Bat Speed ??

Posted by: grc (grcrackel@yahoo.com) on Wed Aug 9 14:34:34 2000

>>>TRUE.Of course being long winded,I can't help but add it Might be more accurate to say "upper torso" instead of shoulder since this is what seems to be driving the handpath circle via proper arm positioning.Personally I find swing thoughts like swinging hard with the shoulders and maintaining the spine angle are helpful in both golf and hitting.It doesn't work for a lot of students though. <<<
> Hi Tom
> I agree, the "upper torso" would be more accurate. But the shoulders have been maligned by so many batting authorities that I thought I would spotlight them.
> Jack Mankin
> Jack.....i'm not a scientist but i have to strongly disagree with the statement....saying that rotation the hips, for example has value only to the extent that it contributes to shoulder rotation is , in my view bogus and not logical....what you seem to be saying is that as long as shoulder is at maximum rotation, lower body is irrelevant.....i could stand flat-footed with a bat in my hand and turn the shoulder as quickly as possible...i estimate that my "shoulder speed" would be about 90 % of my "shoulder speed" if i woild have inward turn, rotate hips, etc....but would i hit the ball 90 % as far?...of course not, more like 30 %.......it's like one of the fencedrillers said at hitting.com....he thinks that "handspeed" is what counts...but of course, standing flatfooted & no rotation i can "throw " my hands about as "fast" as i can with an inward turn, rotation, etc....so "handspeed" being roughly equal but obviously much less energy is transferred to bat using fence drill mechanics.......................................again, i'm not a scientist and i know i'm probably missing something here....i think what i'm missing has something to do with the efficiency of energy transfer to the bat........jack, i love your site & subscribe to many of your teachings, but i'm afraid you blew it on this one.......please don't kick me off your site......respectfully, grc.....


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