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Re: Re: Re: Developing Bat Speed ??

Posted by: grc (grcrackel@yahoo.com) on Wed Aug 9 19:58:04 2000

>>>TRUE.Of course being long winded,I can't help but add it Might be more accurate to say "upper torso" instead of shoulder since this is what seems to be driving the handpath circle via proper arm positioning.Personally I find swing thoughts like swinging hard with the shoulders and maintaining the spine angle are helpful in both golf and hitting.It doesn't work for a lot of students though. <<<
> Hi Tom
> I agree, the "upper torso" would be more accurate. But the shoulders have been maligned by so many batting authorities that I thought I would spotlight them.
> Jack Mankin
> sort of a "side" post in addition to my comments below....would you agree or disagree that the shoulders are yet another "conduit" through which energy is transferred ?...respectfully, grc....


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