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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Shoulder Turn

Posted by: () on Sun Oct 12 23:27:24 2003

Interesting Rich,
> >
> > So, would you consider the arm lag in the posted clip fine then?
> >
> > Again though, w/ this "drill swing" being so radically different from his game swing (perhaps due to less time available during the game swing?), should I not even waste any time analyzing it?
> >
> > Even when I soft toss to him in our cage, as he strides, he tends to have a move w/ his hands, in which he sort of thrusts them back toward the catcher (nearly casting his lead arm). He says it gives him power, but I wonder if it's just an illusion. Usually when I see him do it, I have him rest the bat against the outside of his back shoulder (as in Epstein's video). He then doesn't feel as powerful, yet he looks more connected.
> >
> > At any rate, he and I are attending Mike's seminar/clinic Nov 7/8 in NH. I'm looking forward to the thoughts of someone as esteemed as him being able to work w/ Kevin hands-on. (Don't get me wrong, I do still greatly appreciate the help the web community offers too!).
> >
> > Regards,
> > Sandman
> >
> >Hey Sandman,
> The seminar should be a great experience for you guys. i'd love to attend too. i wish that i could view the clip you are speaking of in this thread, but my computer is old and has several gliches and i can't get to it. when talking about lagging hands and arms i visualize the opposite to be a linear thrust of the hands and arms toward the pitcher... so that's why i suggested that the lag is conducive to connection to the rotating torso. i suppose one could leave the hands and arms back too long and not get them connected to the torso at it's optimum speed and lose all that power. even if one does get perfect connection one still needs perfect bottom hand torque to get the bathead caught up to speed by contact. thanks for your nice reply and let us know of your experience at the clinic. Rich


Download this with a right click and a save target as, then use the free quicktime download to view it frame by frame. Now tell me what moves the hands through the first half of the swing. Is it the shoulders turning with the hands staying back or...?



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