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Re: Too Narrow is Detrimental Jack?

Posted by: Jack Mankin (MrBatspeed@aol.com) on Wed Aug 9 21:42:13 2000

>>> Jack, does not the laws of physics dictate that a person who has a real narrow stance will decrease their circumference dramatically, and increase hip rotation, which translates into a further chance to generate optimum batspeed at or before contact, assuming the transfer mechanics are not flawed?<<<


I to like the clarity science can bring to a discussion, but sometimes just good old common sense can provide an adequate answer. --- If the more narrow the stance the more bat speed a batter can develop - how many more home runs do you think Mike Schmidt would have hit if he had held his ankles together during his swings.

BHL, the baseball swing is not like a skater doing a triple axle, the feet do not rotate. They stay in one spot on the ground. It's the torso that rotates and the spacing of the feet has no bearing on the torso's circumference.

Jack Mankin


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