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Re: Re: Re: Switch hitting

Posted by: Jeff M (jmacp@arh-us.com) on Thu Oct 16 13:12:24 2003

Wow...I leave the site for a few months, and when I come back I get to read about Coach C and Louie Louie. Oh well.


If your 10-year-old wants to hit lefty...let him.
If your 10-year-old wants to play the outfield...let him.

My point is simple; keep the boy interested in sports, and make sure he has fun.

With respect to hitting, I would advise a steady diet of IS and OS fastballs and see if he can get good contact up the middle. Work on simple swing mechanics (some of which you can learn here at batspeed), and don't get caught up in all the hype. Rotational swings as taught by Jack, RQL, and some of the old-time posters do work, but like everything else...take time to understand.

Jeff M


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