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Re: Re: Switch hitting

Posted by: () on Thu Oct 16 14:33:32 2003

Thanks Nick, I do take him for privates every now and then. We have a Frozen Ropes near us, and after every lesson he seems to do much better at the plate...I think it's time for another lesson as he's been struggling this fall season, and has obviously pick up some bad swinging habits I can't detect......and best of all after every private, he leaves the center and tells me, "that was fun!"

Baseball Mom,
> Switch hitting at 10 is not too early, however, the question I would ask is it a good idea? It requires a lot of time to hone your swing one way, while switch hitting reuquires you to work both left hand and right hand. I will say this, I think it is an advantage to be a left handed hitter due to the fact that there are so many right hand pitchers. My own kids have said that when they have kids the first thing they will do is have them bat left handed.
> The swingaway is a good product. It is an even more valuable product when you know what you are doing and what to work on. It can have a negative affect if the boy is just mindlessly hitting. I would recommend that you become as educated as you can through sites like this. Is there a coach at the batting center who gives lessons? If there is you can talk to him about what he teaches and run it by a few people here. We will give you our opinion if he is on the right track.
> Nick


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