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Re: Re: what to do if the batter is not see the ball well

Posted by: roscoe (roscoethewestie@comcast.net) on Sat Feb 23 17:49:32 2008

> > What drills would you reccomend if you believe the batter is swinging through the ball, but appears not to be seeing the ball. Swinging and missing.

If it is a young hitter pitch him really inside with a softer baseball and have him swing at everything. Nothing like self defense swinging and the concentration will carry over as pitches get further away from the body. You can also buy one of those balls on a rope and swing it for the batter to hit. This really develops concentration. Also, make sure the hitter isn't twisting or angling his head. You can also buy some of those hitting sunglasses which have the bottom blacked out. It forces a batters head down on the ball. The only other drill I know is to buy a Thunderstick and hit at pitched golf wiffle balls and this requires a lot of concentration. Then of course there is an eye examination.


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