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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Best Pre-Swing Mechanics

Posted by: tom.guerry (tom.guerry@kp.org) on Tue Oct 21 08:03:44 2003

Nyman is knowledgeable in a number of fields that are important to apply to the swing.Physiology of muscles/tendons(even bone remodeling),biomechanics and motor control and learning have been largely neglected in how they apply specifically to the swing.Most physics types hate dealing with the variability of the human body.They just want to focus on the ball/bat collision.JAck has really broken new ground by recognizing the rotational and torque components of the swing and how the body needs to implement these principles.

The scap is important because it connects the torso to the arm.Part of it is the shoulder socket.Good loading and unloading requires the right sequence of spatial orientation of levers as well as uninterrupted/broken force application by muscles to generate and transfer momentum as well as apply force and participate in tissue elasticity characteristics.Nyman describes the muscle action in part as total body eccentric to concentric action.

All these areas of study must be integrated/blended/interdependence recognized to guide their overall application.I think it helps to constantly keep yourself honest by trying to objectively "see" what the successful practitioners are doing and how they do things alike.Keep trying to understand what they have in common and learn this yourself.

Mike Marshall is an example of getting to far out in a few areas(like Newton's laws) and trying to overemphasize them to the point of creating radically different mechanics from those successfully used by most for generations.Occasionally in human history this leads to a successful revolution/eveolutionary discontinuity,but not very often.

Nyman's approach is far less risky/much more informed if you want to maximize your potential.Still baseball is a risky/dangerous activity.


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