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Re: Re: Torso and hips move together?

Posted by: Dave (cdpaetkau@telus.net) on Wed Oct 22 11:30:50 2003

Hi Jack

I enjoy your site very much and have learned plenty from the rotational hitting techniques talked about in this discussion board. I had the opportunity to see a brand new video analysis program in Phoenix that uses magnetic fields to give you a real time digital image of hitting. The owners of this technology have had major league batters and amatuers take swings and it was noted that the biomechanical differences are easily seen.

The study uses the summation of joint rotation as its fundemental basis. The observation is that each joint (hips,shoulders, elbows, bat) excellerate to their maximum degrees per second starting from the ground up just prior the next joints max velocity. Each is faster as it gathers energy from the prior joints rotation. All joints have maximixed their velocity BEFORE contact with the ball. Each joint also slows down significantly after the maximum speed as been obtained. The amatuer hitter did not achieve this summation of joints and many times the hips and shoulders were rotating at the same speed which did not allow the building up of rotaional speed to a maximum bat head speed. The ability of the hitter to achieve higher bathead speeds were directly related to the hips generating higher rotational speeds and these speeds being sequentially transfered to the next joint up. Also if there is too long of a delay between the maximum velocity between joints there was a decrease in bat head speed.

This applies to this post but also I would like your comments on this. I believe this reafirms your teaching on rotational mechanics or am I not correct??



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