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Re: Re: Personal Pitcher

Posted by: Seve (seve@worldnet.att.net) on Wed Oct 29 06:56:21 2003

I know Mike Epstein's video shows him using one of these. I too have searched for some reviews.
> However, in about 2 weeks, I'll be attending his clinic. So hopefully I'll get some hands-on. If so, I'll update this thread.
> Sandman

I purchased a Personal Pitcher last fall for off season hitting practice for my 10 year old son. It works really well and can be used in the basement if you have 25 feet or more of space to work with. There is a light that glows as the ball is about to be released so you will have an opportunity to load and react in the same manner as you would with a live pitcher. We like to use it with a Swift Stik for my 7 year old and a heavier Rocket Rod for my 10 year old.

It's construction seems kind of flimsy but we have dropped it a few times and have been using it regularly for over a year and it works like a champ. If you buy one make certain you get the High School model- there is another model that throws at a lower velocity. The high school model works great for younger kids, just increase the distance between the machine and the hitter.



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