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Re: Re: Re: Lead Knee vs. Hips

Posted by: Pro_Hitter (andygreen29@hotmail.com) on Thu Oct 30 14:25:11 2003


I see what you're saying, but answer this for me from a "Practical" perspective. What do you consciously initiate to start the swing???
As much as I like the theory here, I am very much into the practical.


Coach C makes valid points here.
> I have seen many a poor golfer who took Ben Hogan's comments about leading the swing with the hips literally: total disconnection and very slow swing speed. No different to me in baseball.
> The purpose of the legs in the swing is too provide resistence against the ground through the feet. Put Bonds on ice in street shoes and see how far he hits the ball. He can spin all he wants and the ball will go no where. Why, no ability to provide resistance. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. This is why balance, and the fight for balance is so important. The feet need to be in position to allow the legs to provide as much resistance as possible. The greater the resistance, the more force that can be applied through the hands.
> Nick


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