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Question for Tom

Posted by: Coach C () on Mon Nov 3 16:27:31 2003


I've always been interested in how the lead arm folds in the baseball swing? Would you say that hands hitters fold there lead arm differently then good rotational hitters. Years ago when my Son was young I was very dissapointed with how he finished the swing.....meaning it didn't look like mine. For a while I surmized that in order to get to that position there must be something going on in the swing that caused it, thus we spent many hours addressing what I thought was a problem. Then about a year ago I discovered that maybe his differences were actually a strength, so I let him do what he felt was natural (even though it appeared funny to me). Low and behold the kid went off at the plate. Many great hitting instructors will look at follow through as a sign of what occured earlier in the swing, I've done that a lot more lately and now percieve that my Son had it right all along. This really was my motivation for putting both our swings up. I think my way could be incorrect, but I can do it his way...it's just so foreign for at first. If you look at my swing watch how the the lead arm folds, it's different than mine. Does this make sense and do see any relevence in the follow through with how the arms finish, particularly with the elbow fold? Look it how deep the ball get's in on my Son and how more in front my hit is.


Coach C


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