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Re: Re: Re: Lessons

Posted by: rql () on Tue Nov 4 18:22:02 2003

Jack , I would like the same information if you dont mind. And any information anyone else may have.
> I am wanting to start teaching more 1 on 1 , though not for pay. Wanting to work with my ball team during the off season . I have bought both tapes as well as the bag and bat speed meter.
> Any drills, equiptment and information from other instructors in how you train your students would be appreciated.

>.When I get a student [young,from scratch]I teach each leg and arm action seperate.1st stride to toe touch with flexed front leg and middle of chest over inside of rear thigh,then do it and drive front leg back to locked position and try to drive hip turn as much as possible without back side .Next stride to toe touch then drive back knee down and in till back heel is to sky.This is using the back side strong.[cue drive the back side thru the front side.]Then try to put the 2 together.Also go to finished point and try to get them to go backwards to beginning[backward training]When they are fluid with both ways then add the lead arm.I use a small bat and bottom hand,lean bat on back shoulder and as they load the lower body they do their lower body leading then take the knob to the ball ,hand pulling down to target but hips turning shoulders which keeps the circular hand path.Do not let the shoulders stop turning and arm fly out.Each time at contact the belt buckle should point at pitcher at contact.Then we use the small bat and we teach scap load with rear elbow pulling back and hip cocking.Elbow goes back then down to slot as hips begin to turn[cue for elbow/ back, down and turn]Then tie all together and use backward chaining.We also use over under training for power if you know what that is.We do tee work for inside and outside location and then my favorite is a double tee drill where 1 tee is on outside corner contact point and 1 on inside contact point.The o.s.tee has a ball set 4-6 inches lower than i.s tee ball.After you have done each individually I set up both and as they go back into load Coach calls out in or out and kid swings at that tee.Timing of your call should match when they would decide in a game to swing or not.If done right their slight uppercut will hit the 1 they want and miss the other,if they are on wrong swing plane you well see it.


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