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Re: Re: the perfect swing

Posted by: THG () on Sat Mar 8 19:40:36 2008

> > Hi i was wondering what exactly you should feel when you make a perfect swing and contact with a baseball. for example forces on the bat, where the weight is in your body.
> Easy, loose, almost like ya didn't even hit the ball. You know you have a perfect swing when the ball seems to pop off the bat and you feel you yourself in a good stance, weight back, hips open(if you pulled it), your hands should have been quick through the zone and already on their way out. For an outside pitch, the hands should shoot at the ball, tight to the body and qiuck, the end of the bat should lead followed by the barrel, inside out the ball, wieght back!! and in good stance. watch any of the bigs, their weight is always is back and they hit the ball from their back leg. You will hit the ball further if you stay back on it rather than throw your body at it. Good example: Albert Pujols Bad example:Alfonso Soriano as long as the body's mid line is centered(your head,chest and hips) then the ball will be hit with more power than a swing were these things aren't alligned

Rapshus. From your post, it appears you are saying pujols hits the ball further than Soriano. If that is so, I disagree. In addition pujols weighs 60 pounds more than Soriano. Thus I believe that Soriano's style is more conducive to homerun hitting because of greater extension and more batspeed. Pound for pound Soriano is likely much stronger despite the difference in weight.


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