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Re: Re: The pros who do it

Posted by: () on Sat Aug 26 13:13:55 2000


The hitters you mentioned had a different goal than creating bat speed only.

Don't be fouled on the "weight shift" vs "rotational". Clemente had good shoulder rotation and very good transfer mechanics. He did accelerate the bat head into/on the swing plane.

Perhaps his top hand action created a little dead spot in the his pre-swing, but from launch to contact he applied torque. That is a big perhaps, very good transfer mechanics with poor body mechanics.

My personal favorite for looking at transfer mechanics is Hank Aaron. Just because he has a long stride doesn't make him a lesser hitter (great rotation at the end of that stride). When Bob Gibson and Sandy Koufax said it was impossible to get a inside fastball past him, I believe he was doing something correct.



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