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Re: Think I bought the wrong bat for my son, need help with a getting a new one.

Posted by: CSummers () on Tue Mar 11 13:42:15 2008

I believe that the bat that you have is fine. I have an 8 year old (smaller than your son) that uses a 28-18. He has used a 28 inch bat since he was 6-1/2; he would choke up a half inch, until he got more comfortable with the bat.

I don't think that the bat is the problem.

> My son who's 7 1/2, 4.3 & 60 pnds a contact hitter & plays coach pitch . I ordered him a 28/16 Easton BT250 CXN COMP for the extra pop when he hits. I have taken him to the batting cages and have thrown live pitches to him. It seems as he is either fouling allot ( last year he was dead on) or just missing the ball and it is making him frustrated.
> I have decided that the bat might be to big for him and that it could be used next year.
> So now I would like to get him another bat and am having a hard time finding the right one.
> Here is what I had in mind please offer suggestions. The rules state that he has to use a 2 1/4 barrel. One other thing is that they are using a softer ball think its a number 5 (not a tee ball) but its not a hard ball either.
> Here are the bats I had in mind.
> 2008 YB84 Louisville Slugger TPX Omaha Composite Youth League Baseball Bat -12 ..27/15 and cost 165.00
> 2008 Combat Throttle Youth League 27/15 Composite cost 140.00
> 2005 or 2006 (yellow)Louisville YB106 Catalyst Youth Baseball Bat 100.00 28/15
> Louisville Slugger TPX Maverick composite: YB89M Youth 27/17 80.00
> I am leaning toward the Throttle or the YB84 but I would like suggestions from people who might have had experience with some of these bats.
> Thanks for all of the help.


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