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Re: Re: High Back Elbow

Posted by: Kajun Coach (bkamm17@bellsouth.net) on Fri Dec 5 09:35:28 2003

Jack, thank you for your reply. I did buy your video about 2 years ago and loved it. I wasn't able to fully explain rotational mechanics until I watched your video. It was super. I have changed many peoples mind about linear mechanics with your example of the wheel on the stick. I even made one for myself.

As for professional hitters, I agree that a high back elbow creates power and batspeed. Thus, they are strong enough to utilize it effectively for power and homeruns - it will cause more fly balls. The only thing I disagree with a high back elbow is if a hitter is more concerned with average than homeruns. Then again, everyone watches MLB for the homeruns, not the averages.

As for the young hitters, I don't feel that they are strong enough to utilize this technique. That is why I discourage young hitters from using a high back elbow. I have had many parents tell me that when their son/daughter's coach told them to lift their back elbow, it caused alot more popups.


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