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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Swing plane

Posted by: Graylon (g_dunc@hotmail.com) on Wed Mar 12 19:24:27 2008

> > >>> Nyman's animation is the worst demonstration of the swing plane ever created.
> >
> > No high level hitter uses his lead arm in the manner that animation show.
> >
> > ##
> >
> > Teaching that swing plane animation is teaching one to drag the bat.
> >
> > Using that model...even with two hands on the bat...will drag the bat. It has to. <<<
> >
> > Hi Teacherman
> >
> > I obviously disagree with you. However, the readers can study the clips of Sosa and Abreu and decide for themselves if the bat and lead-arm trajectories are in the same plane and how much bat drag they experienced from that plane.
> >
> > Jack Mankin
> Teacherman,
> I have to say, my son does use the Nyman model and in fact does tend to experience too much bat lag, I've always thought that if he added more THT (top hand torque) he could get the bat-head around, however I'm not sure that's possible. In the A-Rod video it's difficult to tell exactly when the bat pops above the plane of the lead arm. Wouldn't it be more effective to let the bat seek the plane of the trailing forearm (top arm)? When the bat swings around it will tend to seek an inline condition in relation to the straightening trail arm, therefore if you monitor the trail forearm you control the arc/plane of the swinging bat.


Think of the hands as a "swivel" (not my word someone elses) they can turn the bat in many different angles. When you're ready to launch the hands "swivel" the bat back and then "swivel" it forward. The hands stay in the general area of the armpit. The hands ability to swivel will allow you to adjust to the plane of different pitches, rather then setting plane early and hoping you're right. If you try this thinking of the "swivel" you will feel the barrel never dragging and the barrel will be thrown through the zone.



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