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Re: Re: Re: Re: High Back Elbow

Posted by: Kajun Coach (bkamm17@bellsouth.net) on Fri Dec 5 19:15:29 2003

GRC, If I had to copy anyone, it would definitely be Tony Gwynn. He wasn't concerned with being the hero. He was mainly concerned with trying to help his team win. That is why he batted over .300 in 18 different years of his career. How many professionals have done that? He probably had the best work habbits of any other professional hitter.
> but he was not a power hitter...are you saying the hitter's focus should be on average and not power?

That is a tough one. Me personally, I would focus on trying to consistently hit hard line drives; with this, homeruns will come. I think you should try to concentrate more on your on-base percentage more so than your batting average. If you try to be a hero and swing for the fence, you will fail alot more than you succeed. Scouts mainly look for hitters who have good mechanics and consistently hit the ball hard.


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