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Re: Should contact hitters go rotational

Posted by: LaMonte (tplamont@garlandisd.net) on Thu Dec 11 19:08:10 2003

> I realize i am a small guy. All the talk here is about denting the fences. I realice thatīs never my case. Unless i hit the ball down the line i am not going to double because i dont have that kind of power.
> Why should i go rotational when i am doomed to line drives and rollers? I hope you have the answer. I have already invested a lot of time and money on learning rotational.
> toti
If all you aspire to be is a gap hitter then rotational is the best bet for you. It will allow you to keep your head still easily and stay inside the ball with good balance.
However if you want a little more from your swing, get with someone who can get into the ball. Someone who will take what you have learned and implement it with some drive from your lower body.
Just be careful who you work with,


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